Codino is the 100% free alternative IDE for Arduino. You can build up many arduino projects using Codino IDE. That can be handle Arduino libraries. Codino is full support for create websites using HTML codes. Go FEATURES page to learn more about Codino. Codino required .Net framework 4 or higher version.


Download Codino

7 MB setup


  • App Make

         App Make is a power full tool of Codino IDE. That can be develop PC to Ardunio data sender applications without using any programming languages.                     App Make can auto generate suitable Arduino code with variables. You can use that code to build up your arduino program easily.   click here to Learn more about App Make


  • Language support

         Codino can handle following file types. Such as Arduino sketch,  HTML, C++  files. For all these languages is also   syntax highlighting supported and Arduino sketch (C/C++) is code auto complete supported.


  • Auto complete menu

         This feature makes coding fast and easy. Frequently used commands can be accessed via snippets. And we are provide keyword descriptions


  • Bookmark

         So you can quickly find often used code sections


  • Custom syntax highlighter

         User can customize syntax highlighting color as you like.


  • Project explorer

         User can explorer all of project files using this function.


  • Object explorer

         Find functions quickly in your program. That can be detect each of top level declarations (such as void, classes), custom functions, custom variables and defines.


  • RGB Variable

         Easy RGB-Color selector for RGB-LEDs.


  • Support for all of arduino libraries

         Codino automatically matches the installed Arduino libraries. Use all Arduino libraries such as (ESP8266, Controllino, Intel Curie - Genuino 101,    MPU6050, ARM boards, SHT11 etc.)


  • Template support

         You can using template on codino. It's will be add to you code file as a comment.


  • Serial Inspector

         Now you can serial data monitoring and plotting in one window. You can call it Serial Inspector. That can be Pause and resume serial data transmission in one click.


  • Keyword browser

         Explorer all of keywords of installed arduino libraries. This function available at under the Tool menu. You can find more additional details of selected library in this window.


  • HEX Export

         You can easily extract .hex file from arduino sketch .




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