Codino v 3.0

Codino is the 100% free alternative IDE for Arduino. You can build up many arduino projects using Codino IDE. That can be handle Arduino libraries. Codino is full support for create websites using HTML codes. Go FEATURES page to learn more about Codino. Codino required .Net framework 4 or higher version.


Compatible for all windows versions


Now you can create your own web site using Codino. Codino can handle HTML files easily. And you can attach IoT technology to your Arduino project.


App Make is a power full tool of Codino . That can be develop PC to Ardunio data sender applications without using any programming languages.

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Codino IDE fully support for Arduino Projects. That can be handle all of arduino libraries. Codino IDE is support for custom syntax highlight and Auto complete keywords.



Install and confg. Codino

Create a new Project in Codino

RGB LED controller - App Make sample


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